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Sea Monster – A crocodilian animal of reportedly 60 feet in length with a pointed tail and four webbed feet was sighted off the coast of Ireland.

The German U-Boat and the Sea Monster

The far reaches of the ocean have always concealed mysteries, and people have not had to stretch their imaginations too far to populate the waters of the Earth with dragons. Fossil records reveal that giant marine crocodiles and sea lizards once patrolled the seas with their pitiless jaws. Since humans dared to travel the waves, reports of dragons that appear to be giant sea lizards have persisted through the ages and added greatly to the dragon folklore that enriches cultures around the world.

Once such compelling story of a dragon of the deep comes from the captain of a German U-Boat during the First World War. On July 30, 1915 when the captain of the German submarine U-28 torpedoed a British ship near Fast Rock off of Ireland, the British vessel sank. As the ship went down, an explosion occurred underwater and the German captain reported that it blasted a monster out of the sea. The 60 foot long, crocodile-shaped beast fell back into the waters and disappeared. Unable to confirm the kill of the monster, the captain cannot truly enter the ranks of the dragon slayers of old, but he certainly witnessed a rare event.

If the sea monster survived to feast upon the poor souls lost with the British ship, no one can know but from a sea dragon's perspective, hunting troubled war time waters where ships are going down is a sound strategy.  


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