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Kuehneosaurus – A long lizard with membrane wing flaps that inhabited the British Isles millions of years ago. This extinct lizard is a candidate for inspiring the numerous tales of small predatory dragons in the region.

Kuehneosaurus - The Little Dragon

The lore about small dragons on the British Isles often describes a creature similar to the Kuehneosaurus that lived in the region millions of years earlier. This long lizard with flap-like wings matches the stories of the flying snakes of Wales .

Up until the mid 1800s, reports of beautiful flying serpents with iridescent and gem-like colors came out of Glamorgan, Wales .  One account that comes from an elderly man who died in the 20th century explains how he actually saw these flying Welsh serpents during his boyhood. The woods around Penllyne Castle were said to be home to the rare and predatory dragon creatures. Locals hunted them because of their tendency to eat poultry, and the reports of the flying serpents faded away.


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